Young Adult Alcohol Detox Services

The Need for Detox

Understanding the need for alcohol detox

Alcohol addiction, alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism – all of these terms are ways to describe problematic drinking that can’t be stopped with willpower alone. When you begin drinking beer, wine, or spirits like vodka, gin, or whiskey, it’s possible that an addiction can form if drinking these substances occurs regularly and in increased amounts. Before long, you may even be unable to start your day without a drink. If this sort of issue is one that’s affecting your life, you’re probably a good fit for professional treatment.

There are presently many options for care that can allow you to develop the skills you need to become sober. Prior to engaging in comprehensive treatment for alcohol addiction, you may benefit from a brief stay in a detoxification program.

Detoxification, which is also known as detox, can help you to rid your body of alcohol in a safe and comfortable manner. After successfully completing detox, you will be physically and mentally prepared to fully engage in personalized care at Four Circles Recovery Center.

Withdrawal Symptoms

What to expect with alcohol withdrawal symptoms

The longer you abuse alcohol, the more reliant your body will be on this dangerous substance. Therefore, if you’re used to drinking multiple bottles of wine, several cans of beer, and/or many cocktails per day, your system will need to adjust to working without alcohol if you choose to stop. Once you’ve stopped drinking, withdrawal symptoms are likely to set in and can make you rather uncomfortable and may even drive you back into a potentially lethal pattern of alcohol abuse.

Individuals who attempt to end their drinking problem without professional assistance may begin to shake, have stomach and headaches, develop flu-like symptoms, and feel especially irritable as their bodies adapt to being alcohol-free. Appetite changes, problems sleeping, and depressed feelings can also emerge. Furthermore, depending on how severe the addiction is to alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms can vary in severity and can even put a person’s health in jeopardy.

Considering these symptoms and potential effects, it’s a good idea to begin treatment that includes detox so that the aforementioned detriments can be avoided.

Detoxification Treatment Process

Alcohol detoxification treatment through Four Circles Recovery Center

Four Circles Recovery Center is not a medical treatment facility, so we do not offer detox services on our campus. However, if your admissions assessment indicates that you can benefit from detox prior to starting treatment, we can refer you to one of the detox programs in our area with which we coordinate care.

Once we have confirmed your acceptance into a local detox program, one of our staff members will transport you and remain there with you until you have been admitted. A member of your treatment team will remain in contact with the detox center throughout your time in our care, and when you have completed the program, we will transport you back to Four Circles so that you can seamlessly transition into our comprehensive programming.

During your time in detox, you will benefit from expert care provided in a safe, substance-free, and closely supervised environment. You will work closely with professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that your detox experience is a successful one.

Once detox is complete, you will be in the perfect position to begin the therapeutic portion of your recovery journey at Four Circles Recovery Center.

Long-Term Benefits of Detox for Alcohol

Long-term benefits of detox for alcohol abuse in young adults

If you attempt to defeat an alcohol abuse problem outside of a treatment setting, you may be at greater risk for relapse than you think. Since the withdrawal symptoms that you can endure once you stop drinking can be quite overwhelming, you may be especially vulnerable to returning to drinking as a means of alleviating your turmoil and discomfort.

However, when you participate in a medically supervised detox program, you’re putting yourself in an advantageous position to break free from the grips of alcoholism. Not only will you be able to further your recovery process, but you’ll also be able to learn the skills, build the confidence, and establish the support that you’ll need to live the alcohol-free life that can support good health.

At Four Circles Recovery Center, we welcome the privilege to help you reach your treatment goals. We firmly believe that our wilderness treatment services can help you to make the changes that will empower you to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

To learn more about the many benefits of healing from alcohol addiction at Four Circles, or to discuss a referral to a detox program prior to starting treatment with us, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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