Why Choose Four Circles?

Four Circles Recovery Center is a licensed, adventure-based addiction treatment program that utilizes a powerful blend of research-supported services and outdoor programming to provide effective treatment for individuals who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Here are a few of the reasons young adults in need of drug treatment choose Four Circles:

Clinical Excellence

Our clinical team is comprised of knowledgeable, licensed professionals who have extensive experience and training in addiction treatment and recovery. The staff dedicates extensive time, study, and training to make Four Circles the most clinically sophisticated, adventure-based addiction treatment program in the country.

Therapy Modalities Backed by Research

At Four Circles, we want to continue to provide evidence of the value and efficacy of our adventure-based treatment program through independent research. For this reason, we are participating in a long-term study on the efficacy of adventure-based therapy as an addiction treatment for young adults.

The study, which is being conducted by independent researchers at the Center for Research, Assessment, and Treatment Efficacy (CReATE), in collaboration with the University of Arkansas, seeks to accurately determine clients’ progress while at Four Circles and for one full year after they complete treatment.

Preliminary analysis shows that Four Circles’ clients display fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, reduced substance abuse, stronger motivation for recovery, and improvements in overall quality of life and functioning.

Fully Accredited Programming

Four Circles is one of the few adventure-based substance abuse treatment programs for young adults that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). CARF is an independent, nonprofit organization that performs an in-depth review of program services using some of the most rigorous standards in the field. CARF accreditation assures you that Four Circles offers the highest quality services available, and is focused on delivering the most favorable results for our clients.

Grounded in the 12 Steps

The 12-Step philosophy is integrated into every aspect of our program. Clients attend daily 12-Step meetings, complete assignments based on the 12 Steps, and learn to apply the 12-Step principles to daily life. The 12-Step principles are an important tool for anyone struggling with addiction, as they teach clients healthy coping skills, and provide them with a support network that improves their chances for a lasting recovery.

Blend of Traditional & Holistic Therapies

By employing both traditional addiction counseling, experiential therapy, and outdoor activities, Four Circles encourages clients to explore their personal issues and begin their journey toward healthy self-expression. With our holistic approach to treatment, we can help you achieve sustained recovery by focusing on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional spheres in your life (the four circles).

The Transformative Power of the Nature

The pristine beauty of North Carolina allows you to connect with the most essential and basic elements of self, allowing you to rebuild your life through the transformative power of nature. Our hybrid model, which combines adventure-based therapy and traditional addiction treatment at base, allows us to utilize adventure therapy while simultaneously teaching essential daily living skills to help our clients transition to their next phase of treatment.

Gender-Specific Treatment Programs

We offer gender-specific treatment for young men and women, with separate programs that meet the specific needs of clients of each gender. Our men’s program focuses on issues specific to men growing up in today’s world, with an emphasis on adventure and experiential learning. Our women’s program is tailored to address the challenges young women face in recovery in the comfort and safety of a nurturing, supportive environment.

Intensive Family Program

Four Circles provides weekly family therapy sessions, a family workbook, weekly support conference calls with other families, and a two-day family workshop every month that is designed to engage, educate, and help family members. The clinical staff works closely with the families of our clients to help them understand the disease of addiction, what it has done to their family and how they can move forward while their loved one is in recovery.

Aftercare Planning

Because we understand that recovery is a long-term process that extends beyond your time at Four Circles, we work closely with clients, their families, and referral sources to create detailed discharge and aftercare plans. These plans include helping clients develop a support system and identifying appropriate continuing care programs and support groups in their home community.

We are affiliated with the following organizations, which provide accreditation, education, and training to ensure quality behavioral health and addiction treatment.
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP)
  • Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council
  • The Jason Foundation