Alumni Testimonials


This is a statement that I find myself saying pretty much every morning when I wake up, and is a direct result of practicing some of the tools and principles that I learned while at Four Circles.

Just under two years ago, I walked into Four Circles a broken man. I was broken in every facet of the word: physically I was weak with holes and scars all over my arms from using needles, emotionally I was numb to life, mentally I was obsessive wanting to get high, and spiritually I was completely bankrupt. I was not a “happy camper.” I had no idea what to expect from this place, and even more, “knew” that it wouldn’t do anything for me and did not need or want anything to do with it. The days seemed to go by in seconds, and I was counting every one till I would finally be let out to go on living the way I was living.

Slowly, however as a result of being in an environment that made me completely vulnerable to my emotions, I realized I needed to change, and luckily, Four Circles was there to facilitate this change, and teach me how to live a better life.

Through doing the tasks outlined in their Client Workbook, I began, for the first time in as long as I could remember, to be proud of myself, and begin to have a feeling of accomplishment. I began to find that I wasn’t the loser I “knew” I was; I could be successful and proud of myself again.

While I was in the field, I learned to take care of myself in ways that I never knew how to. I learned how to take responsibility for myself by finding wood to keep the fire alive to stay warm; finding flat ground to sleep on so that I didn’t roll out of my tent; finding a water source so that I wasn’t thirsty, etc. All of these things turned out to be a microcosm of the life I would be thrown into when I departed Four Circles. This amazing treatment center gave me the tools I needed to survive on my own without relying on other people to take care of me, or, more importantly, to live without the false security drugs gave me.

The people at Four Circles genuinely cared for me, and I will forever be in debt to these amazing individuals. Going to Four Circles was one of the best decisions that I have ever made; it gave me a start to a new life that has gotten better than I ever dreamed possible.

Thank you Four Circles!

Blake, 24

I have struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for a long time. Drugs and alcohol numbed all my feelings and made me into the outgoing, self-confident, and invincible person I always wanted to be. I also struggled with other issues as well. Coming to Four Circles Recovery Program truly helped save my life!

I had been through six other treatment facilities in a year and a half, and had not graduated one of them. Those treatments didn’t work because they were conventional in the sense that I was confined to a room talking about what really was going on with me. Those programs made me feel like a prisoner. They flat out didn’t work for me!

Personally, I needed a different approach to understanding my underlying deterrents which were hindering my growth in my life and as a person. Four Circles gave me an extremely safe haven to discover myself and challenged me to do the work. This program challenged me to do the opposite of what I had been doing for a long time and in return I saw the results. It has worked for me and I’m continuing to do the work. Four Circles gave me structure that I never had, goals to work towards, and they taught me how to work as a team. This was my seventh program and the first program that worked for me. I graduated in August 2008, and I strongly recommend this program to everyone!!!!!!

Amelia, 20

Four Circles is truly a unique facility, providing the highest caliber of holistic treatment services. The facility is able to utilize nature as a primary conduit to healing, which very effective in the treatment of young adults who benefit greatly from this experiential approach. It is evident that the staff are very passionate about their work, and the assistance and follow-up provided post treatment is quite remarkable – I have seen the staff follow and support former clients for years post discharge. We are proud to partner with Four Circles in the continuum of care for those we serve.

Beth Fisher, LCSW, LCAS, MAC, CCS, Executive Director of Hope Homes, Inc.

At Jaywalker Lodge, we are in an excellent position to evaluate primary treatment centers from an outcomes-based perspective. We see the result of their work as we work with young men immediately after their experience in initial treatment. Of the hundreds of programs that refer men to us, we have learned Four Circles Recovery Center is among the very best at preparing people for a life of long-term recovery. The focus on the 12-steps, relapse prevention and the metaphors of a wilderness experience with clinical professionals lead to motivated, recovering addicts who are willing to continue their work in an open-community model of care on the path to independent living and community stewardship.

Mark McGuiness, Director of Marketing & New Ventures, Jaywalker Lodge

This program and this staff is unparalleled. We cannot say enough good things about Four Circles – the people here healed not just our son but our whole family. Our son is 2 1/2 years sober, self-sufficient, loves life, and gives back to the recovery community by being a sponsor for other guys in recovery. His journey, while not to be wished on anyone, has brought so many blessings – to him, to us, and to those he touches. This place helps one move beyond mere survival to being fully alive.

Bonnie G. (parent)

We have had the privilege to work with Four Circles Clients for many years now. Their staff and therapists are amazing, talented, caring people. The program is genuine about wanting to help people and knowledgeable about how to accomplish it. You can see the difference Four Circles has made in the smiling faces of their clients! These young men and women come to our program prepared to do the work necessary to begin a new life free from drugs and alcohol. We would not hesitate to recommend Four Circles to families and professionals; in fact, we do it all the time!

Jude Rudolph, Director of Admissions, AIM House Transitional Living Program

I never thought such an incredible change could come about in my life. Even more so, I never thought I would be the one who truly made that change.

Keegan C., alumni

Being at Four Circles has taught me how to love myself and love life. This is more than a treatment center; it is a life center.

Patric G., alumni

To reconnect with yourself, you must reconnect with nature.

Ridge O., alumni

This place changed/saved my life. It has been the greatest experience I have ever had. I finally know myself and am becoming the man I always dreamed of becoming.

Connor T., alumni

Four Circles is a well-planned and maintained facility that knows what works and how to keep you clean and motivated.

Eric S., alumni

Four Circles was a life saver for our son. I cannot imagine life without Four Circles! Thank you for saving my son!

Kim D., parent

Four Circles changed my life. I grew so much as a person during my time here. The guides helped provide insight to the things I need to improve, and I had a wonderful therapist. The experiences I had in the wilderness were amazing and unparalleled by any other in my life. I learned to accept many things, make peace with my past, and let go of control. Through these things, and the program at FCRC, I found wisdom and happiness that I will carry with me forever.

Kelly K., alumni

Four Circles provides the space to begin to heal from the life experience that led to my drug addiction and pain from trauma.

Amanda B., alumni

Four Circles was one of the most, if not, the most rewarding one of my life. It has allowed me to go further and be happier with myself than ever before. My relationships have improved dramatically and I would recommend it to anyone facing troubling times in their life. All that is required is honesty, willingness, and an open mind to give you back a life worth living. Stefan R. (alumni)

Change takes time. Why not give a little to gain a lot?

Dominic A., alumni

Four Circles saved my life. I appreciate everyone here. I had an amazing experience.

Philip R., alumni

This program has turned me around. It is a very special place to be. Thank you for turning my life around.

Sean U., alumni

The smile we saw at the time we met our son for his graduation from Four Circles was an overwhelming and intensely emotional experience-especially after seeing his pride in displaying his wilderness skills. I was born in N.C. myself over fifty years ago, however never had a chance to return . My daughter who also attended the graduation also commented- “Hard to imagine – the very place of your birth and David’s rebirth!” We will be forever grateful for the guidance and insights that Four Circles has provided for our son. We could not offer a stronger recommendation for anyone to attend!


Four Circles provided me with exactly what I needed. I had been to other treatment centers and had problems not only with substance abuse but with mental health issues as well. The small groups, outdoor environment, and various activities challenged me and shook up my core beliefs. It halped me to accept myself and become the man I have wanted to be. Leaving here, I feel very good about living a healthy, functional, sober life. Thanks, Four Circles,for everything.

Luke G., alumni

The smile we saw at the time we met our son, David for his graduation from Four Circles was an overwhelming and intensely emotional experience-especially after seeing his pride in displaying his wilderness skills. I was born in NC myself over fifty years ago; however, never had a chance to return . My daughter who also attended the graduation also commented – “Hard to imagine – the very place of your birth and David’s rebirth!” We will be forever grateful for the guidance and insights that Four Circles has provided for David. We could not offer a stronger recommendation for anyone to attend!

Chris P., parent

My decision to attend Four Circles was honestly one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever been lucky enough to make. I’ll be repeating myself when I say, “It’s not every day one has an opportunity to take time off from the outside world and spend it in an amazing, beautiful place in an effort to find themselves. Less often do they take advantage of their opportunities. I am glad that I did.”

Ben P., alumni

Four Circles allowed me to focus on my inner person through wilderness therapy and abstaining from contact with the familiar outside world.

TJ M., alumni

Four Circles created an emotionally safe place for me to sort through issues that I had tried to mask with drugs and alcohol. The wilderness is the best teacher and Four Circles created a foundation to explore its therapy.

Mitchell F., alumni

Foundation House is an extended care program in Portland, ME that works with only the top primary treatment facilities in the country. We are very well known for our successful outcomes after our residents have completed their primary and extended care experience. We have been working with Four Circles for a number of years now, and there is absolutely no question that the young men who are referred to our program from Four Circles come to us as prepared for our rigorously structured and intensely accountable program as any young man that comes to us from any other program in the country. The success we have enjoyed with these young men and their continued recoveries (our local alumni group is rife with young men from Four Circles) is unsurpassed. The main reason for this is that the staff of Four Circles understands their clients. They understand their needs. They understand our program, and who would be a proper fit and who would not. Above all else, they put their clients outcomes first, which is not necessarily the case for many primary facilities in America. I am not particularly happy to say that, but it is true. As a result, we are extremely proud to be associated with such an exemplary program as Four Circles. Their integrity, dignity, work ethic, combined years of staff experience, professionalism, and joy is contagious. That is one of our motto’s at Foundation House … “Joy Is Contagious”, and the young men who come to us from Four Circles make that motto a reality. As the owner of Foundation House, I can say with 100% certainty that I would send my own children to the Four Circles program … without ever … ever … second guessing my decision. With gratitude for our professional and personal relationship with Four Circles…

Patrick Babcock, Founder/Executive Director of Foundation House

Four Circles saved my life. It put me outside of my comfort zone and made me be open, honest, and willing.

Greg F., alumni

It is most definitely life changing.. If you are willing to put in the work and go with the flow of the program, it’ll be very beneficial for you in the long run.

I have been in active addiction for ten years, and have been to two previous treatments. Four circles guided me to a place where I realized I was capable of feeling peace and fulfillment, which may seem basic, but when you don’t think you are able to feel these things they are far from basic. Before this program I would have told anyone drugs were the only part of my life i really enjoyed. After I accomplished each goal that I thought was far beyond my capabilities I felt pride and happiness I didn’t think could come from within me. I am beyond thankful for this place and the staff. Four circles showed me i could be happy in recovery, something typical inpatient rehab had failed to do.

This program worked well for me as it provided an experience that is not obtainable at other recovery centers I have been to previously. The wilderness aspect is therapeutic in and of itself and helped me gain new coping mechanisms for various things I am bound to face at some point in the future.

Four Circles is an amazing program it has changed my life 100%. The wood is where the miracle is.

Alumni 2016

Four circles revolutionized many notions of my capabilities and my values. They provided me with a supportive and challenging environment in which I was able to take action to improve many aspects of myself. I came to Four Circles knowing that I needed to live a life sober and my time there, I gained the tools and confidence to have faith that I can have a fulfilling life.

The 5th Circle program helped me to continue personal growth in ways that I did not DREAM imaginable! I had a terrible attitude coming in to the program but have completely changed my opinion after learning even more ways that I can better myself and maintain a positive, supportive, and successful way of life. I am happy to say that the 5th Circle program helped change my life for the better!

Alumni 2016

Four Circles proved to be an extremely effective program for our daughter. The strong sense of community was evident the moment we walked through the door. The wilderness aspect provided much more than just a beautiful backdrop for treatment. The challenges she overcame and lessons she learned along the trail will no doubt help her face other challenges she may encounter in the future. The appeal of the outdoors may have gotten our daughter interested enough to go, it was the staff that helped her choose to stay. To her therapist, the guides, and admin…..our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!

The wilderness program at Four Circles not only saved my son’s life, it healed my family as well. The support and education about this family disease is outstanding!

It was very helpful for my son and myself! The aftercare plan & my calls with the therapist were very helpful! His therapist id many of his down falls and helped with solutions!

I think first, and perhaps most importantly, my son bought into your program right away. He saw the need for the program and the value of the program right away. I think the wilderness program quite possibly was the best thing that has ever happened to him. All of the staff contributed to his success, but from what I could tell his first counselor in the program made a huge impact. I will be forever grateful for 4th and 5th Circles.

Alumni Parent 2016

Thank you for giving my daughter a second chance at a healthy and happy life. Your staff and practices appear to be very effective and unique. I am looking forward to my first visit after graduating from the program.

Alumni Parent 2016

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