Staff Member Amber Hartsburg

Amber Hartsburg, EMT-B

Medical Coordinator

Amber grew up in Tucson, AZ and enjoyed hiking and camping with her family from an early age. That love continued when she worked as a Wilderness Field Guide at FCRC in 2011. Amber has been an EMT-Basic since 2009. She volunteered with Search and Rescue for 3 years and worked as a Senior Firefighter for the City of Asheville for 4 years. Amber feels privileged to have ‘4 Life Saves’ with her crew from her time with the Asheville Fire Department.

Amber started working at FCRC in the Medical Department in April 2016. She is proud of all of the work she has done here, both past and present. Amber believes in the power of nature and its ability to heal and help us grow as conscious and empathetic human beings. She loves her job and all of the staff at FCRC. She feels fortunate to be surrounded by loving, caring and passionate co-workers. FCRC has a very special place in her life and she is proud to be a small gear within this amazing facility.

Amber’s hobbies include biking, hiking, backpacking, reading, landscape design, art projects, photography, HTML/CSS coding and learning Swedish.

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