First Anniversary of Transition Program


Program graduate tells of his experience, how he gained independence and maintains sobriety, says “This program saved my life”

Four Circles Recovery Center has celebrated the first anniversary of its extended care transition program for young adult males. The program opened last November to assist young men in successfully transitioning into society after primary substance abuse treatment.
Distinct from the common “halfway houses,” the Four Circles Transition Program is a structured environment that helps young men learn the skills necessary to live sober and independent lives. During their stay, clients move through four phases while focusing on recovery, gaining independence, participating in activities, and developing new behaviors and coping skills to be successful in life and their sobriety.Tommy (last name has been withheld to protect privacy), was one of the first clients through the Transition Program. Tommy had a drug problem for years and had tried seeking help through other treatment programs, but found “nothing ever changed. [Finally] I reached a physical, emotional, and spiritual bottom that made me want to die, so I decided to seek a different form of treatment through Four Circles and the wilderness.”

Tommy did well as a client of the primary treatment program at Four Circles for almost three months, but felt “very uncomfortable” going to a halfway house due to his past experiences. “So I decided to try out Four Circles’ new transitional program. It was one of the best decisions of my life.”

For five months, Tommy camped, hiked, mountain biked, zip-lined, snowboarded, practiced yoga, played football and Frisbee, and skateboarded while also learning about relapse prevention and financial planning through workshops. The array of activities helped Tommy learn that one can still have fun in recovery.

“Through these activities, I was able to have fun being myself and learned to be honest,” says Tommy. “If I wasn’t staying busy and having fun, I really wouldn’t have a reason to stay clean.”

Tommy recalls that when he arrived at the center, “I had forgotten how to live. This program taught me how to do the simple things in life, take care of personal responsibility, and I found a new way to live clean.”

Four Circles’ Executive Director Jack Kline, MS, LPC, LPCS, LCAS, CCS, says, “Research has proven that longer lengths of stay in treatment produce better outcomes for clients. As an innovative treatment provider, we felt a responsibility to address the growing need for transition services in a way that manages the client’s primary substance abuse problem while also helping them develop the skills necessary to live independently. That’s what the Transition Program is.”

Now, Tommy owns a business for phone repairs, works as an assistant manager in the cell phone industry, and will be finishing college within two years. “I want to excel in my life,” he says.

Clients in the Transition Program are subject to regular drug testing, required to attend 12-Step meetings and, during the third phase of the program, also work part-time or attend school. They receive psycho-education, therapeutic process groups, and vocational and education coaching.

Put simply, Tommy says, “This program saved my life.”

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