Whitewater Rafting

Spring has finally sprung in Western North Carolina, and Four Circles Recovery Center is rolling out their whitewater rafting adventure programming on the Nantahala River!

The Nantahala River consists of miles of exciting rapids on one of the country’s most popular rivers. Located in the Nantahala National Forrest, the Nantahala River is a nationally recognized river of outdoor recreation and is one of the oldest rivers in the world.

“Going through the rapids of the Nantahala demands the full attention of everyone on the raft. There is no time to be distracted, only this one moment to fully inhabit with courageous presence,” explains Adam Wells, Master Guide at Four Circles Recovery Center and Lead Guide of the whitewater rafting expeditions. “This natural, exhilarating rush is such a great feeling, with the only downside being that I might get a little wet! I hope that by sharing my passion for the river with our clients, I will help them find that outdoor adventure activities can be a source of excitement and fulfillment that will stay with them their whole lives.”

Rafting is a sport that requires an extreme amount of teamwork and provides a great opportunity to maximize the beneficial effects of working together as a unit in a natural setting. Along with the satisfaction of conquering numerous obstacles on the water comes a great feeling of accomplishment, and confidence.

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