Alcohol & Drug Addiction Wilderness Treatment Program for Men

In addition to women-only groups, Four Circles Recovery Center offers a male-only drug & alcohol addiction wilderness treatment program where young men can address sensitive emotional issues in a safe, single-gender environment that promotes openness and honesty.

Our male-only program provides the same services and supports as our women-only programs, but places an added emphasis on self-esteem, body image, the transition into manhood, and the unique societal pressures facing young men today.

Culturally, men have a difficult time opening up. As a result, their emotional issues often go unaddressed and unresolved. For young men with substance abuse problems, avoiding negative feelings and underlying issues can result in relapse or continued use of drugs and alcohol and prolong their addiction.

In our men’s groups, male group leaders serve as role models who open discussions and encourage healthy expressions of emotion. When men share their hopes, fears, and frustrations with therapists and other men who are struggling with similar issues, they begin to embrace new coping skills that will help facilitate a successful recovery.

Through the wilderness component of our men’s only drug & alcohol addiction treatment program, men have a unique opportunity to express their emotions and challenge themselves physically and mentally. When conflicts arise on a wilderness expedition, group leaders work with our male clients to develop effective ways of dealing with those problems. Over time, our male clients learn to ask for help and rely on one another instead of attempting to endure every struggle alone.

A gender-specific treatment program is a valuable tool that teaches young men better ways to handle the daily stresses of life in recovery. Through our drug & alcohol addiction treatment program at Four Circles, young men begin to build self-confidence through experiential learning and self-exploration, thus creating a strong foundation for their transition into adulthood.

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