Alcohol & Drug Therapy For Families


When a young person in your life is having a problem with alcohol and drugs, you likely want to help him or her, but you may not be sure where to start.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but in the beginning, you’ll need to work towards gaining a greater understanding of addiction as a disease so that you can better understand what your loved one is going through. Armed with this knowledge, you can begin the process of helping him or her find a treatment program at a center that understands how family support can be a crucial component of long-term substance abuse recovery for young adults.

Four Circles Recovery Center understands the value of family involvement throughout the treatment process, and therefore we offer a three-day Family Workshop as part of our primary care program.

This three-day workshop is a comprehensive program that provides:

  • Extensive education on the disease of addiction
  • Experiences in hope
  • Family tools for recovery
  • Family counseling
  • Continued care planning for family members and loved ones
  • Family workbook
  • Experiential family member activities

What is the Family Workshop?

If your loved one is healing at Four Circles Recovery Center, you will have the opportunity to become an important part of his or her recovery process. Our Family Workshop is a three-day experience which will help your family learn about addiction, explore the family’s role in recovery, and share important thoughts and feelings with each other in a safe environment.

We, at Four Circles, believe that in order for a young person to heal from addiction, the entire family system must be invested in positive change. Therefore, we ask that you participate in all aspects of the Family Workshop program which begins at 8:00am with breakfast and then continues with sessions and activities each day.

During this time, your family will participate in family group counseling, lectures, recreational therapy, video and discussion groups, patient/family groups, and relapse prevention or special issues groups. Additionally, your family member’s therapist will meet with you and your loved one at least once during your visit.

What to Expect

When you embrace the Family Workshop at Four Circles, you begin a process of healing that can be challenging as well as rewarding. Since your loved one entered treatment, he or she has been working hard to explore how addiction has impacted his or her life, and so you should expect to see some changes in his or her behaviors, attitudes, and feelings. You will also witness the close bonds that have developed between our patients and their sincere desire to help each other make progress in recovery.

Directions to Four Circles

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