Alcohol & Drug Therapy For Families


Substance abuse impacts the entire family – and at Four Circles we believe it is essential to include the family and significant others in the recovery process. The family has the opportunity to participate in weekly family therapy sessions by phone and weekly support conference calls with other families who have a loved one in treatment. In addition, we have put together an informative family workbook and reading list for family members who want more information or who wish to play a more significant role in the recovery process.

Once a month, our clinical staff hosts a two-day family workshop that is designed to engage, educate and help families process how addiction impacts them. On the first day of the workshop, family members learn about the disease of addiction and the obvious and not-so-obvious ways addiction breeds dysfunction in the family system.

On the second day, family members participate in adventure-based family therapy activities that instill new communication skills and provide support from the clinical staff and other families. Families may spend the day on our ropes course or participating in initiatives that bring out each person’s communication patterns, fears, hopes and limiting beliefs.

After a restorative and healing two days, families leave Four Circles having built a greater awareness of themselves and how to support their loved one in the recovery process.

Our focus is on helping the family heal, improving communication, and supporting the recovery efforts of the identified client. By including the family, we help to provide an even stronger foundation upon which to build sustained recovery.

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