Rock Climbing Activity

Few activities are more exhilarating than rock climbing. You’ve never been more engaged in the present moment than when you’re up 50 feet in the air, strategically planning your next move. Regardless of what happened in the past or what will happen in the future, all that matters is what’s happening right now.

As thrilling as rock climbing is, it can also bring out a person’s fears, trust issues, and behavior patterns quickly. Since climbers are fully immersed in the present moment, there is less time for manipulation, prepared responses, or game-playing, which can occur in more traditional therapeutic settings. The issues that surface during the Four Circles adventure program are genuine and provide important insights to both the client and therapist.

Like other adventure activities, rock climbing challenges our clients to problem-solve, learn from failure, take risks, and summon the motivation to succeed. Four Circles clients return to base camp with new skills, unforgettable memories, and a renewed passion for sober life.

Just as they question their ability to scale the mountainside, young people may not think a life without drugs or alcohol is possible, but when they push their limits and step outside their comfort zone, they realize that the possibilities are endless.

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