Men's Program

Four Circles Recovery Center offers a male only track where young men can address sensitive emotional issues on a safe environment, that promotes openness and honesty.

Women's Program

Our women’s only track provides wilderness focused treatment designed to address mental, emotional and addiction based struggles in an empowering, supportive and safe environment.

Fifth Circle

Our new extended care program, Fifth Circle, provides the transformational support needed for those who have completed our wilderness treatment program to rejoin daily life.

Watch What Makes Four Circles Recovery Center Unique.

Welcome to Four Circles.

Thank you for turning to Four Circles Recovery Center during this challenging time in your life. We recognize that taking the first step and seeking a treatment program can be difficult and we want you to know that our compassionate staff is here to support you through the journey of lifelong recovery.

Throughout the years, Four Circles wilderness treatment programs have provided clients with life changing addiction treatment, which is individualized to meet each client’s specific needs and concerns. Our combined model of wilderness therapy and traditional addiction treatment, allows us to help our clients transition to their next phase of treatment.

Whether you or a loved one is battling an addiction to alcohol, prescription medication, or other illicit drugs, or is suffering from the symptoms of a co-occurring disorder, such as depression or anxiety, our committed professionals can help you overcome these problems that have caused such distress in your life. To begin your own journey towards a sober, happy future contact our admissions department today.

Life-Changing Adventure Based Wilderness Addiction Treatment For Young Adults Outside Asheville North Carolina.